Anti-termite Treatment:

Termite Extermination procedures are one of our most important services offered to our clients. Termites are difficult to locate and cause damage to wooden structures and furniture causing losses worth thousands of rupees. They also make beds, sofas and chairs unsafe to use as the bites caused to human beings are very painful and causes immediate swelling of the bitten area. Termite Extermination procedures are carried out by us by drilling & spraying effective anti termite fluids on the infected parts of our the premise. Our experience in this domain helps us cater to the Termite problems faced by our clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We are doing this treatment both in Pre & Post Construction stages with a service Guarantee of 10 years for Pre-Construction & 05 years Post-Construction.

Pre Construction Termite Control

Recommended doses at pre construction stage money from future infestation.

Suggested rate is applied in the following 3 stages:

Stage : 1  Bottom surface & sides of excavations made for column pits, wall trenches & basement of the surface area are treated.

Stage : 2    Refilling of earth on both side of all built up walls of vertical surface of substructure.

Stage : 3  The entire surface before laying the floor is treated. If necessary rod holes are made to facilitate absorption.

Pre Construction Termite Control

External Treatment

Masonry Foundation

  Digging Width trenches along the external wall of the building exposing the foundation wall surface up to a depth of 50 cm, making 30-50 cm deep rod holes 15cm apart all along this trench pouring of chemical as per recommended dose.

  Treating the back fill earth while returning it to the trench with recommended dose directing the spray towards the wall surface.

Masonry Apron

If there is a concrete or masonry apron around the building, drilling 12mm holes as close as possible to the plinth wall 30 cm apart. Pumping of chemical to soak the soil as per recommended dose.

RCC Framed Structure

In case of RCC framed structures with columns & plinth beams & RCC basements, the treatment can start at a depth of 50cm below ground level. Excavating shovel width trenches exposing the sides of the column & plinth beams upto 30 cm & treating the back fill earth with chemical while returning it to the trench as per the recommended dose of the vertical surface of the structure.

Soil Surrounding Pipe , Wastes & Conduits

Wherever pipes, wastes & conduits enter the soil, loosening the soil for a distance of 15 cm & a depth of 7.5cm & thoroughly trenching with chemical.

Internal Treatment

Soil Under Floors

Drilling 12cm holes at the junction of floor & walls along the cracks on the floor & along constructional joints at 30 cm intervals to reach the soil below. Squirting the chemical as per recommended dose in holes or till refusal & sealing the holes properly.

Treatment of Voids in Masonry

Drillings holes in the masonry at plinth level at about 45 degree angle & at 30 cm interval, prefererrably on both sides of the plinth wall & soaking the masonry with recommended dose using pressure pump.

Protection of Wood Work

Drilling 6 mm holes at downwards angle of 45 degree in the wood work at its junction with masonry walls or floors. Squirting the chemical till refusal & sealing the holes properly.

Upper Floors

Termite damage on upper floors/ flats occur as termite travel from ground through lift walls or ceasing of electric wiring telephones cables, utility pipes etc. Wood paneling on staircases & wall false ceilings kitchens & bathrooms are particularly vulnerable.

Anti Mosquito Treatment:

Mosquitoes are one of the prime disease carrying agents. Mosquitoes are hugely responsible for causing a large number of diseases including the fatal malaria which can often lead to death. Mosquitoes breed and multiply at a very fast pace, hence the problem can aggravate to a huge extent if not taken care of. We provide quality mosquito treatment on a regular basis by spraying fogging gas and chemicals at the most affordable rates.

Carried out in housing colonies, industrial establishments, townships, hotels, hospitals, etc, the breeding places in the surrounding are treated with larvicide’s and adult control is done by spraying and fogging during dusk hours.


Bed Bug Treatment:

Bed bugs cause a lot of problems on the domestic front. People resting on such infected beds are often bitten, the pain caused is intolerable and it often results in immediate swelling of the bitten areas. Bed Bug Extermination services are provided by us by spraying or fumigating the affected areas with efficient toxic chemicals which eliminate bed bugs from the infected premises for a long period of time or permanently as in most cases.

Bed bugs are human parasites and feed on blood. They are mainly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices, furniture and along the folds of mattresses and upholstery.

Chemical spraying or fumigation treatment will be done to prevent bed bug infestation.


Herbal Hygienic Treatments:

We shall carryout this treatment by sticking HARBAL GEL in each and every corner of the premise for COCKROACHES control. It will take 21 days time to eradicate the problem. You need not have to vacant the kitchen or have to keep premises closed. 90% result will be there in 3 days, for full control it will take 21 days.


Rodent Control Treatment:

Control of rats and mice is carried in food godowns, warehouses, canteens, hospitals, pharmaceutical units, garment factories, by spraying repellents, trapping by glue traps, baiting with anti-coagulant rodenticides to eradicate the population.

We are doing this treatment by adopting different type of method like Baiting Treatment, Tablet Treatment, Fumigation in Burrows, Trapping, Glue Board, Roda Boxes etc both inside and outside of the building.

The most dangerous enemy of human being RODENT spreads fatal diseases like Plague, Salmonellas, various types of fever etc., and so they need to be completely destroyed and / or kept Away from premises like Offices. The general way to get rid of these enemies are to refuse entry and shelter to them in the premises, but over and above these it is most important to destroy them. Going step to step, to prevent entry, we may suggest you some preventive steps like to tightly seal the holes and narrow passages wherefrom RODENTS may enter. The principal step to destroy them shall be taken by us by using highly concentrated BAITS which are safe to mankind but hazardous to RODENTS.


Powder Post Beetle Treatment:

We are doing this treatment by gining injections where there is a problem, while in new furniture we are doing this treatment by doing spray on both sides of the Ply. We are giving 05 years service Guarantee for this treatment.

We shall carryout SPRAY TREATMENT in personal Kitchen, Bathroom, Drainage's, WC's, Washing area, Stores, Garbage Area and Dinning area for insects like Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs etc. To eradicate this problem we not only contact direct insects but also locate the nooks, holes, corners, junctions to destroy the eggs so as to prevent re-infestation for a long duration.


Snake Control Treatments:

Spraying of the formula is to be done for the fencing area (inside and outside). When snakes penetrate into the sprayed area, it will cause an itching sensation for the snake thereby preventing it from entering.

We are doing this treatment Dusting outside in periphery of the building and Fumigation in Burrows.


Library & Records Room Treatments:

This is done to keep your valuable books & records free from insects & fungus. This is done by both fumigation by foggers & spraying.