Rat & Mouse Glue Traps

The 100/400 Series

Catchmaster glue trays offer consumers the highest quality non-toxic rodent trapping method available to retail consumers. The 400 Series, our largest traps will capture rats as well as snakes and other small home pests. The 100 series mouse size glue trays are available as:

4-pack(Items # 104)

2-pack(Items # 102)


Shelf -Display - 102SD, 102SD, 402SD, J-Hook(Bulk Pack) 102, 104, 402

Professional Strength Rat Catcher

Our Professional grade rat trap (Items #404) includes Catchmaster hercules putty fastens the trap to floors for heavy duty rodent problem.


Shelf -Display/J-Hook - 404SD

All Catchmaster glue Trap Products are also available on clip Strips or Floor/Dump Displays.

Mouse & Insect Glue Boards

Baited Mouse, Insect & Snake Glue Board

Both versatile and economical, our glue boards are designed to trap most typical household rodents such as the house mouse.The Catchmaster Glue Board can be used flat or folder into a rectangle for more discreet use. As well, our glue boards are also very useful in trapping the "creepy-crawlies," likes roaches, water bugs or spiders, that always seem to find their way into homes.


4-pack Shelf -Display- 18-72SD

2-pack Shelf -Display- 36-72SD

All Catchmaster glue Board can be J-Hooked and are also available on clips Strips.


Human Mouse Trap

Designed to appeal to the most sensitive consumers, this "live-catch" trap captures small rodents without causing any harm to the animal. Simply set the trap and release the animal after capture.


Shelf -Display w/header - 672


Rat & Mouse Snap Traps

The classic mouse trap. Easy to set and bait.Catchmaster mechanical snap traps offer consumers another popular non-toxic trapping option.


Mouse size 2-Pack Shelf -Display - 602

Mouse size 2-Pack Shelf -Display - 604

Rat size 1-Pack Shelf -Display - 610


Moth Traps

The perfect solution for pantry moths Included in each package are pheromone baits that have been scientifically proven to lure many of the moth Species commonly found in pantries and other food storage areas. The bait is replaced inside the attractive wood-grain style glue board that can be folded for discreet use in sensitive areas.


2-pack Shelf -Display- 812SD

All Catchmaster Moth Traps can be J-Hooked and are also available on clip Strips.


Roach & Insect Trap

Set a few of these roach & insect traps around the house to keep you informed if you have a pest problem. This discreet wood-grain style glue board was designed to be placed under sinks, in cabinets, or in food storage areas to monitor and control typical household bugs.


Shelf -Display- 724

All Catchmaster Roach & Insect Trap can be J-Hooked and are also available on clip Strips.


Fly Ribbon

A "must have" fly control item in any retail store's lawn & garden or pest control department. The Catchmaster Fly Ribbon uses a high quality, made in the USA adhesive that will last significantly longer than any competitive product.


Shelf Display w/header - 9144M4

All Catchmaster Fly Ribbon Trap can be J-Hooked and are also available on clip Strips.


Fly & Wash Catcher

The unique patented design of this 12" fly & wasp trap allows the user to tear away a perforated section of the box to expose the trap while retaining the decorative and discreet outer box. The trap can then be placed so that the unsightly trapped insects are hidden from view. The Fly & Wash Catcher can also be removed from the box for outdoor use.


Shelf Display - 915


Fly Stick Glue Trap

Our 24-inch Fly Stick includes a powerful sex attractant pheromone. While this product is very popular in rural areas for use in places as dairy or poultry farms, it is also perfect for use in garbage rooms or near food prep areas. The Fly Stick can be used both in and outdoors.


Floor Display w/full color header 963


Spider Web Fly Glue Trap

Designed for use in areas of high fly populations. 23ft. long, 11in. wide and coated with adhesive on both sides for maximum catch area. Tested b major universities, this trap has proven to be extremely effective in controlling fly infestations. This allows the user to significantly reduce the use of poisons. Typical area of use for this product would be organic or dairy farms, stables and greenhouses.


Spider Web Shelf Display - 930

Equestrian Shelf Display- -935

Note: The Spider Web and Equestrian traps are the same product with labels that target different markets.


Electrical Fly Trap

This is NOT a zapper! This fly trap uses the light frequency most attractive to lure flies into a hidden glue board. When full, simply remove the cartridge and replace the board. Unlike, this unit wok silently and, because the insect are safely contained on the glue board, this trap is approved before the use near food preperation areas.


Small-11 inches - 909

Large-14 inches - 910